How long should I wait before ordering a memorial?

Wait until you are comfortable talking about the memorial. Most people wait about three months until they know their financial position and when most of the shock has passed.

What is a foundation?

This is a cement structure required by area cemeteries because of the freeze/thaw cycle in our region. This is poured to each cemetery's size requirements and can be up to 36" deep.

Will the foundation that goes under a memorial interfere with the burial?

No. All cemeteries have adequate space built into the graves to allow for the burial and a memorial foundation.

Can I have an upright memorial on my lot?

It depends, please check with Ericson or Erie City Memorials to get the rules from the cemetery where your lot is located.

Can my memorial be as big as I want it to be?

Most cemeteries have rules regarding the sizes of memorials. You can check with Ericson or Erie City Memorials to get the rules for the cemetery where your lot is located.

How long does it take to complete and install a memorial?

There are a number of factors that control the time it takes to complete and install a memorial. The first is the availability of the granite. The second is the time needed to create the drawings and get the final approval from you. Also, some cemeteries install their own foundations and, sometimes only once or twice a year.

Will moss grow on the top of my memorial if it is not polished?

Moss growing on memorials seems to be a problem in some areas more than other areas. It has a lot to do with the climate and ground moisture, as well as the proximity to certain trees and shrubs. Having the top polished makes the memorial easier to clean and the slippery surface hinders moss growth. In most cases, moss or other stains can be removed by pressure washing and professional cleaning, which Ericson and Erie City Memorials offer.

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